Multimedia Presentations

The term ‘media’ can apply to any number of communication channels – from rock paintings and post cards to email, newspapers, tweets and a variety of others. Aside from these particular channels, the term may describe broad categories employing a singular technology. As a result, we may hear of print media (newsletters, newspapers, journals, magazines, etc.), broadcast media (radio & TV), and online media (web portals, newsgroups, podcasts and RSS feeds). By extension and description, multimedia combines more than one of these forms or technologies.

However, despite these obvious schemes of categorizing and combining media, a more natural way suggests itself based on channels that deliver, to our senses, the stimuli of the external environment. This observation gives rise to media channels that are focused on the eye or ear or some combination of the two. What does this mean for the brand marketer? That multimedia, although it uses precise forms, is still very much a creative endeavor, and the “final product” can vary considerably.

Multimedia can be used for:

  • Training & Education
  • Business Meetings
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • Sales & Marketing Tools

Combined with social media, multimedia can help spread the word about your company and build brand awareness. For example, showing images of your products on photo-sharing platforms is an easy way to magnify exposure without racking up huge costs. On the other hand, radio interviews of a senior executive will appeal, perhaps, to more analytical types. YouTube videos can broadcast such interviews, as well as a dozen other subjects that include product details, manufacturing processes and uses in various settings. The only limits to multimedia lie in the marketer’s imagination.

Work with Pros!

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