Investor Materials

A potential investor will always seek out comprehensive information about a company before making any decisions regarding a future partnership. They will explore your investor materials and even the content on your website to gauge who you are as a company and your viability as a potential investment. Help make their favorable decision an easy one by ensuring that all of your corporate materials, including presentations, press releases, articles and other documents, are readily available and are polished and professional. The first step in engaging the investor community is informative, strategic communication.

The SmallCapRelations team can execute marketing convergence strategies that will result in the creation of content that is compelling and investor-centered. We will apply our expertise to crafting relevant investor materials and creating a thorough, professional presentation package. These materials will help your company effectively communicate its strengths, assets and future plans to shareholders, potential investors, the media and the general public.

In order to provide maximum benefit, these materials must be professionally executed with strategic intent. Any content that has been created to address investors should clearly communicate the true worth of your business, encourage interaction, and convey a clear idea about your company’s investment value.

At SmallCapRelations, we have vast expertise in crafting effective investor materials designed to create the ideal brand identity. We offer the knowledge, creative approach and tools necessary to craft a message that is convincing and then deliver it in the most effective way.

A partnership with SmallCapRelations will include the following:

  • A review of your current online presence
  • Corporate presentation analysis that will result in suggested improvements
  • Fact sheet analysis
  • Investor kit development
  • Press release drafting and fine-tuning
  • Conference call and webcast management
  • Social media campaign assessment and email announcements