Distribution Partners

In order to maximize the reach of your big news and company updates, you will need a reliable distribution channel. The majority of today’s companies partner with multiple media outlets and utilize various communication channels, including TV networks, newswires, social media platforms, newspapers, online media, radio stations and more. Some outlets—both traditional and digital—charge a fee for publication of your news while other channels, such as social media, can be used for free.

Quite often, free channels are able to distribute news more quickly and effectively and can reach a vast audience. Even a paid advertising campaign executed through social media can deliver superior results and greater cost-efficiency over other types of distribution outlets. By utilizing a platform like Twitter or Facebook, you can share information very quickly. The marketing reach of such platforms can be huge, creating awareness and garnering consumer interest.

You should select distribution channels based on the type of news you wish to share. Industry reports or financial updates, for instance, are better distributed through certain specialized channels, while social media offers great versatility. Whether you’re sharing company news or an advertising post, Facebook could be an ideal choice.

The distribution partner you choose will impact the size and type of the audience you’ll be able to reach.

Over the course of our years in business, SmallCapRelations has worked diligently to develop a robust distribution network. We currently have solid partnerships with more than 5,000 distribution channels and platforms. In addition, our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in creating powerful, newsworthy messages. Sharing the right message through the right distribution channel can exponentially increase your brand exposure.