No one is better fitted to talk about your company and tell your brand’s story than your CEO or another senior executive. These individuals are often the ones who have helped guide your company from its infancy, and seldom is there anyone else as passionate or knowledgeable about your brand. Such passion can be powerful when conveying messages about your business. The SmallCapRelations team understands how best to harness this passion and utilize it in creating brand awareness. Interviews provide an ideal medium for connecting emotionally with investors and also allow your company’s story to be told from a personal perspective, since CEOs are often company founders.

Additionally, conducting an interview with a senior executive, company spokesperson or other key member of your team establishes a level of credibility and authority to make your marketing message even more impactful. Interviews can be used as a unique means of conveying information, and viewing these interviews can greatly influence consumers and investors—not just through the words spoken but also through the body language and delivery of the person being interviewed. An interview can effectively tap into the power of nonverbal communication, which, studies show, is the dominate element of interpersonal communication.

Following a series of studies in the 1960s, Dr. Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA, created a formula that breaks down the impact of verbal and nonverbal messages. Dr. Mehrabian found that, in general, an audience’s response to a speaker is only 7 percent influenced by words, while tone of voice carries 38 percent of a speaker’s impact and body language commands 55 percent.

Frequently abbreviated as the “3 Vs,” (verbal, vocal and visual), these three components of a message must support one another in order to add up to effective and meaningful communication. When these elements do not support each other, listeners will statistically place greater trust in a presenter’s nonverbal communication (93 percent) than in their actual words (7 percent).

Interviews are a great means of building trust for a brand or company, as it is easier to trust a person than an amorphous entity with a name that consists merely of letters. When senior executives become accessible through interviews, a company’s persona becomes humanized, making it easier for investors, consumers and the general public to experience trust in that company. For instance, in the minds of the public, there is blurred distinction between Elon Musk and Tesla, because Musk has become the “face” of the Tesla company. Consumers have come to place their trust in the man more than the company he represents.

The content of an interview should be more than mere hype or chit-chat. An interview should offer fresh information and relate a company’s important news, such as a details about an acquisition, launch of a new product, or an update on the company’s progress and growth. SmallCapRelations has a team of communications experts who stand at the ready to help you plan an interview that will include all of the essential elements for effectively communicating your message. We create an environment in which the interviewee feels at ease, and we employ interviewing techniques to elicit the very best details about your company’s news. Numerous executives have appreciated our team’s interviewing skills and professional delivery, and the messages of their companies have been effectively distributed to achieve optimum results.

Our communications experts will help you create a list of appropriate questions that will prompt the responses you wish to share. This helps create a professional recording of an impactful interview, which will then be distributed to your target audience. Through the effective medium of an interview, shareholders, consumers and potential investors will hear your news directly from your company’s management, thereby boosting credibility and building trust.

Accompanying each audio interview will be a press release, which SmallCapRelations distributes to top-tier financial websites. We will also craft an article to accompany your interview, touching on the highlights of the interview. To help your news achieve maximum exposure, we provide access to more than 5,000 media partners for news dissemination. These publications will include links to your audio interview and other articles about your company. Prior to mass distribution, our communication team will edit the interview content to ensure the most professional presentation possible as well as information accuracy.