Private & Group Meetings

What does it take to plan a great meeting that investors will want to attend? It goes without saying that face-to-face interaction with investors is important, but many executives don’t know how to plan and carry out such a meeting. Deciding to hold a meeting is the easy part; the difficult challenges come next: selecting the right venue, arranging for refreshments to be served, preparing an effective presentation and impressing your investors.

Planning takes time, and many companies underestimate this fact. A private investor meeting alone is demanding; when it’s a group conference that you’re scheduling, the situation can become downright daunting.

Investors are attentive people who pay attention to minutiae. Any small omission or missed detail on your part can negatively impact the outcome of your meeting. From choosing your meeting venue to making travel arrangements, you need to be immaculate in your preparation and execution.

In order to successfully carry out your meeting, it’s important that you have adequate knowledge regarding the preferences and needs of every investor who will be attending. The hallmarks of a successful event are personalization and excellent organization.

SmallCapRelations offers the professional expertise to plan meetings that will benefit all who attend. We will supervise every detail of your event, from organization to execution. By partnering with SmallCapRelations, you will gain access to a host of exceptional services, including:

  • Event popularization and marketing
  • Drafting of presentation materials
  • Venue selection
  • Accommodation planning and booking
  • Meeting registration
  • Recording the event for inclusion in a corporate archive and for post-event distribution
  • Follow-up survey drafting and management