Your logo is a visual symbol of your company. At its best, a logo encapsulates your organization’s reputation and market power in a single emblem. The English term “logo” comes from the Greek “logos,” meaning “word,” though a logo typically uses design and shape to achieve potency rather than relying on words; however, some logos do include text. As logos are meant to signify identity, uniqueness is essential, and this can sometimes result in the use of odd and cryptic symbols.

When executed well, a logo can go a long way in creating a lasting impression for a brand. Since a logo primarily relies on nonverbal communication, the recipient’s mind tends to apply less censorship to the logo’s message, which makes the impact more potent and penetrating. While words can be refuted, it’s hard to argue with a shape.

The grammar of a logo is color and shape, and these can be utilized to create specific associations. Geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, triangles and diamonds, are symmetric and structured, thus suggesting those characteristics when included as part of a logo. Geometric design will also elicit responses associated with structure, like order, efficiency, and organization. Organic shapes, in contrast, have more fluid lines and may resemble forms found in nature, like flowers and leaves. Organic shapes appear less “hard,” which makes them seem more comforting and pleasing than shapes composed of straight lines. Organic imagery can be used to articulate naturalness, spontaneity, chance, independence and imagination. A clever design, constructed with only a few lines, can unobtrusively communicate in a way that encourages brand awareness and elicits empathy.

Once it has been created, your logo should be tastefully integrated into your overall marketing campaign. Marketing channels are everywhere and range from the more traditional mediums of print, television and radio to social media and other forms of digital media. The experienced SmallCapRelations team can help you navigate this vast marketing universe.

Crafting the perfect logo to represent your company is an artform, and it is one our professionals excel at. We have helped increase brand awareness and recognition for hundreds of businesses, and part of that process is creating symbols that are visually stimulating and unforgettable.

In addition to creating your logo, we can also plan unique ad campaigns to complement it, using your logo on signage, letterhead, business cards, apparel, products, packaging, flyers, brochures, your website and more. Through our efforts, your logo will become a central part of your brand and corporate identity, symbolizing who you are as a brand through one recognizable mark.

Get in touch with the experts at SmallCapRelations today to learn more about what it takes to create an exclusive logo to symbolize your company.