Shareholder Inquiry

Some investors primarily look to websites, social media and SEC filings to obtain investor information, but the majority prefer to receive this information directly from the horse’s mouth. Ideally, any direct inquiries from existing and potential shareholders should be responded to by either a professional, authoritative in-house investor relations specialist or a third-party agency communicating on your company’s behalf. In either case, inquiries should be responded to quickly.

If handled in-house, it is imperative that you task a competent member of your team with handling shareholder inquiries and give that individual the needed authority to take on this crucial task. They should be knowledgeable regarding all aspects of your company and be prepared to answer any and all questions that may arise regarding company performance, operations, and any events that will impact investment.

You should always welcome and encourage inquiries from your shareholders. This shows that your company is confident regarding its performance and will also promote active communication between your organization and the investment community. When it comes to building shareholder trust and attracting new investment, transparency is one of the most powerful tools you can have.

At SmallCapRelations, we have a team of investor relations specialists who are ready and willing to lend their expertise in supporting your company’s in-house investor relations efforts. This will help ensure that you have a strategy in place to diligently handle all inquiries. If there is not an adequately qualified individual within your organization who can take care of shareholder inquiries, we can handle inquiries on your behalf.

Our inquiry response strategies incorporate investor, public and social media relations, with the end goal of building your credibility and enhancing your transparency, communication and shareholder engagement. Over the course of more than a decade, we have leveraged our deep understanding of financial markets to hone and streamline our strategies.