Media Outreach

Utilizing media channels can simplify the process of investor communication. By choosing the right media platforms, you can establish trust and communicate your message in the best possible ways. Developing relationships with trusted, talented journalists can help you deliver your biggest news and engage the right audience.

Many companies struggle when it comes to approaching journalists and securing media coverage. Media outlets are very powerful, and it is almost impossible to predict how they will present your story.

The SmallCapRelations team has worked hard to establish a trusted distribution network that features more than 5,000 partners. We maintain relationships with individual professionals and publications that are willing to share your news, stories and announcements in a trustworthy, factual manner. Even when negative developments occur, these media partners are known to report the facts in an accurate, unbiased way. Nurturing these relationships helps us provide better communication opportunities for our clients.

SmallCapRelations will build a communication strategy that honors your objectives and communication style. In this way, your media interactions and outreach will be optimized.