Investor Day Execution

Hosting an investor day can be a great idea for various reasons. This type of event allows you to interact one-on-one and in-person with your investors and shareholders. You can deliver a detailed presentation that enlightens these individuals regarding your company’s future plans and growth strategies. You can also introduce potential investors to your management team. Transparency and a comprehensive presentation can go a long way in building trust and strengthening investor relations.

SmallCapRelations knows what it takes to plan a successful investor day and is ready to guide you through the process.

Several key factors add up to a successful investor day:

Many factors must be considered and thorough preparations must be undertaken in order for an investor day to be successful. Any oversights on your part will be apparent to your shareholders, and such errors can result in failure to attain your primary goal, which is building trust with these important individuals. Investor events present valuable networking opportunities, and it is imperative that your business is showcased in the best possible light. Opportunities will be missed if investor relations are not taken seriously.

Knowing your audience is key, and good research will help you craft the right message. Presentation of your message in the most convincing way is another important element of a successful event. Understanding your audience and taking the time to really know who you are speaking to will help keep you on track, as will practicing beforehand.

While preparation is the first step, it is not enough on its own to help you make the most out of your investor day. You must also deliver a strong presentation that engages your potential investors and piques their interest. An effective presentation combines the right message with convincing delivery.

Fundamentally, a presentation is only as good as its presenter, which means a charismatic individual should be tasked with the job. This person must be very knowledgeable about the company and familiar with investor interactions. Anticipating questions that may be asked and responding with the proper information are factors this individual can work on during practice sessions. Questions will generally center around your company’s long-term corporate goals, financial performance, growth strategy and trends within your industry.

Choosing the right venue in which to give your presentation is also an important factor. Elements as simple as comfortable chairs for your guests can go a long way toward enhancing the audience experience. Your venue should also accommodate recording equipment so you can distribute a recording of the event to investors who weren’t able to be there as well as those who would like to have the information for future reference.

Your investor day event doesn’t end once the doors have closed on your last guest—there is still follow-up work to be done. Following up with your attendees and gathering feedback from them will arm you with valuable tools to help you strengthen relationships and execute an even better event the next time around.

Consider sending a short email to your guests thanking them for their attendance and inviting them to complete a brief questionnaire about the event. Their responses to this survey will serve as a barometer to help you gauge how your event was perceived and whether there were any glaring issues you were not aware of. Use guest feedback to pinpoint such issues, and be sure to address any criticism you receive. You may also receive helpful suggestions that can enhance the relevance of your next investor day.

Participants at your investor day should leave the venue understanding more clearly where your company is at currently and what your plans are for the future. Your detailed, clearly conveyed presentation will be the key in achieving this and, if executed correctly, will fill your shareholders and investors with peace of mind and confidence in your company.

The SmallCapRelations team can help you manage every facet of your investor day, from choosing a venue to following up with your guests.