Press Kits

Regardless of your company size and industry, a press kit can be a powerful marketing tool. Press kits are the norm for large companies, but they can be very useful for any business. Even small and medium-sized businesses can utilize press kits to attract the interest of potential investors.

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit is a compilation of informative and promotional materials that provide key data about your company. A press kit’s purpose is to paint a complete corporate picture. A typical press kit can contain various kinds of information, such as:

  • Your company’s history, mission and vision
  • Personal profiles and biographies of managerial team members
  • Product profiles and specifications
  • Growth prospects
  • Recent company news
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Audio and photographic materials that support the presentation
  • Video

How is a Press Kit Created?

An effective press kit must be balanced and should offer important information while simultaneously accomplishing a bit of marketing. A press kit’s purpose is to inspire your audience to make additional inquiries. For this reason, a press kit shouldn’t be too promotional or aggressive but should feature concise, powerful, focused content that addresses common questions potential investors, customers and the media will have about your business.

The most effective press kits create a good first impression, enticing the reader to seek additional information and learn more about your company. In our information-saturated and intensely competitive world, it is not easy to generate interest in your business, which is why you should view your press kit as a valuable opportunity. Your kit should prompt an audience to get in touch with your business.

Most companies appreciate the importance of press kits, but very few are equipped to actually tackle the process of creating one. A great deal of time and hard work goes into developing a professional press kit; it is not the product of a brief amount of effort. It will also be necessary to regularly update your press kit as company news and developments emerge.

The Importance of an Outside Perspective

Effective press kits are professionally written, compiled and designed. The best outcomes are achieved by hiring a team to handle the creation process from start to finish.

Engaging outside experts not only lessens the burden on your internal team but can offer other benefits, as well. A professional external team can become acquainted with the history and development of your brand while maintaining a degree of objectivity. As these experts learn more about your business, they can impartially decide which aspects of your organization deserve to be highlighted and which news will garner the greatest amount of attention. Company insiders who are too involved in the day-to-day processes of your business often can’t see the forest for the trees and may overlook important details.

SmallCapRelations boasts a team of professionals that can pinpoint the news and information that should be included in your corporate press kit. We know what investors are looking for and what is needed to get your brand in the spotlight. Do you have an existing press kit that needs to be upgraded and enhanced? Are you beginning the process from scratch? In either circumstance, the SmallCapRelations team can offer invaluable assistance. We will work to create a professional product that targets the proper audience and delivers a compelling message. With our experience and creativity, we will craft a topnotch press kit that will yield measurable results for your company.