Messaging & Branding

If creating viral content is your primary goal, then you are approaching content creation in the wrong way. While creating viral content may seem like the right way to build an online presence, the fact of the matter is, it is incredibly rare for an article or post to go viral. If you are successful in creating a viral piece of content, it simply establishes an expectation from followers that you will continue creating that kind of content again and again.

Effective content development does not mean your content will go viral. A more realistic and effective approach is creating good content. Instead of focusing on creating viral content, focus instead on offering content that is relevant and engaging. If that is your aim, you will have greater success in growing your follower base. To create a following that is truly engaged, focus your efforts on messaging and branding, not virality.

It has often been said that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. With the advent of social media, that has become truer than ever. In everything you do, strive to create a brand image and reputation that are positive. In creating content that is consistent with your brand and overall message, you will be able to effectively foster growth on your social media accounts. If your followers and customers are satisfied with your brand, they will spread the word about it. With billions of people on social media all across the world, good news about a brand can travel fast.

Companies spend a great deal of money on marketing; make your efforts worth the investment by establishing branding and a message that inspires your customers to spread the word. To forge a meaningful connection with customers, you must be willing and able to engage with them in the online realm. Regardless of whether a customer is posting a rave review or negative feedback, you should always respond and demonstrate that they are being heard.

Though you may get lucky on occasion and succeed in creating a piece of content that goes viral, your successful online presence is going to be established through the regular creation and posting of high-quality content. Consistency in your posting schedule will establish an expectation for followers regarding when they should look for fresh content on your page. As you focus on branding and messaging, the ultimate goal is creating trust between your company and its followers.

One of the most detrimental things you can do in terms of your online presence is creating messaging that is inconsistent with the overall voice of your brand. When you have successfully developed a message and a theme that are right for your business, stay with them and reinforce them at every opportunity. Consistence is imperative in everything you do, from your color schemes to your written copy. If you are consistent, the images and words you present to your customers will ultimately become synonymous with your brand.

There is no question about it: Your followers care about the quality of your content. Be sure, therefore, that the content you create is engaging, meaningful and has value for your followers. Regardless of whether it is a blog or a video you are posting, when very little effort has gone into it, your viewers can tell.

To help grow your following, try posting to a few different social media sites. Many social media users stick to just one platform, so spreading your efforts across multiple channels will help your online presence increase.

While all of these ideas may sound great to you, like so many things, establishing a solid online presence is easier said than done. It takes time and effort to create successful and consistent branding and messaging on social media. If your team doesn’t have the time to focus on it, SmallCapRelations can do it for you. From generating ideas to creating content, we are here to help with every aspect of your online brand promotion.