Focus Groups

Even if you don’t necessarily want to hear what every customer has to say about your business and your brand, it is vitally important to gather as much of that raw feedback as possible. Focus groups are an important tool to help you hone your strategic marketing plans to either address issues or capitalize on things your customers love. In addition to forming opinions about your products and services, you can bet your customers have some definite thoughts about the content you’ve been publishing on your social media platforms.

Given the never-ending deluge of new information that hits the web each day, you need to be dropping content that will stand out and truly resonate with your customers—but you won’t know exactly what that is until you solicit feedback from them. Focus groups are a big help there.

You can quickly and efficiently gather important customer feedback by utilizing social media for targeted online social groups. This will help you gain an understanding of your customers’ thoughts and feelings as they interact with your brand, which will enable you to craft marketing strategies based on that feedback. The good news: It is very budget-friendly to set up an online focus group through social media.

Conducting focus groups on current and past products or services, or test marketing a new pre-launch product, can yield amazing insights into what your customers want. Offering some kind of incentive for participation, like exclusive content access or a discount, will garner a higher response rate when you’re seeking participants. The majority of people are constantly online these days, so offering an incentive makes it very easy for them to opt in and participate in your focus group.

The SmallCapRelations team understands just how powerful a social media focus group can be. We are adept at creating effective focus groups that deliver valuable insight into just what your customers are thinking and feeling about your brand. Our focus groups allow participants to give honest feedback without feeling pressured, which means the responses you get will be much more accurate.

The first step in our process will be creating a robust online presence for your company using engaging social media content. We will align with your existing marketing goals to tailor a customized marketing plan for your business. Our experts will monitor comments and discussions about your business and create campaigns designed to elicit honest customer feedback.

We take marketing very seriously, and our No. 1 aim is helping your business succeed online. We offer the expertise you need to elevate and maximize your social media marketing. Targeted focus groups help us gather the crucial data you need to make the most informed strategic marketing decisions.