What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) is a strategic approach to achieving optimum placement for keywords or preference on a search engine results page (SERP). Essentially, SEO ensures brand visibility in online searches. The majority of people today utilize search engines as they begin their customer journeys and research products and services. Good standing within search engines provides you with a competitive edge and superior exposure over your competition.

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines to locate relevant information. Most only explore the top search engine results and don’t ever navigate beyond the first SERP. In order to be featured on that first results page, you need to commence a strategic SEO campaign.

A comprehensive SEO approach is needed to demonstrate your website’s content quality and relevance. Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to gauge performance and to determine if a page merits top positioning. The algorithm changes regularly, and search engines are continuously exploring multiple websites in the same fields. Ergo, the good search engine standing you enjoy today could vanish tomorrow. For this reason, effective SEO mandates continuous effort.

Keyword-Based Optimization

Effective keyword selection is the cornerstone of any good SEO strategy. You must know which keywords are most relevant in your industry and which can be used to describe your business, services or products.

When, through extensive analysis, the right keywords have been identified, the SmallCapRelations team will use them in crafting your content. Content relevance is established by the words and phrases that are most prominently featured on each webpage. It is not a random process. SEO experts use well-established techniques to enhance positioning of websites for keywords or preference. Placement must also be natural, as “stuffing,” or overusing, keywords can lead to algorithmic penalties.

SEO as a Marketing Approach

SEO is one of the most powerful approaches in digital marketing. It can be utilized for the content of a website, within a press release, in a social media marketing campaign, and even through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Through the skills of a seasoned SEO professional, content can be expertly crafted for optimum reach.

Because it is so important, SEO should never be left to chance. At SmallCapRelations, we have extensive expertise in developing optimization strategies. Contact us today to discuss the various options, the current impact of your online presence, and what can be done to improve your future results.