Awareness Strategies

If you want to establish your position in a competitive market, brand awareness is the key. From your company name selection to graphic elements, everything about your brand needs to be carefully thought out to create a consistent brand image. At SmallCapRelations, we believe establishing the right marketing presence and reputation across platforms is crucial to accomplishing your brand awareness goals.

Market Presence
Establishing visibility is the key to increasing brand awareness, and this goal can be accomplished in various ways. Top approaches include sharing company updates, writing press releases and regularly uploading new website content. Online interactions, including blog posts, articles and social media presence, are all important, as well. Maintaining regular communication with your shareholders is another key component in establishing market presence.

Business Reputation
The reputation of your company is influenced by various factors. Elements like your website, the quality of your online content and the effectiveness of your customer service are vital. Another key establisher of reputation is consistent communication that presents you as an authority in your field.

Consistent Branding
In all of your company’s brand awareness efforts, one primary goal should stay at the forefront: consistency. When we say “consistency,” we are referring to the tone of your messages, the frequency of your updates, the quality of your customer service, and even the way you manage your social media presence. In everything you do, your message should always be professional and stay true to your corporate values.

SmallCapRelations will create cost-effective, customized strategies tailored to boost your company’s online visibility and raise public and investor awareness of your brand. The best results are achieved through distribution across multiple channels, utilizing various formats, and the above-mentioned important factor of consistency.

An important thing to note: Establishing brand awareness is an ongoing process. As any experienced marketer knows, constantly monitoring and analyzing campaign results will contribute to future improvements and an even more finely tuned message.

SmallCapRelations takes a thorough approach to establishing brand awareness, including:

  • Long-term content creation by our team of expert copywriters
  • Distribution across various relevant platforms (currently exceeding 5,000)
  • Featured placement in our SmallCapRelations newsletter
  • Creation and execution of social media marketing strategy
  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Video production (focusing on executive management, interviews, corporate news and other topics)