Print Advertising

Print advertising in today’s world? Many believe print marketing has been obliterated by digital media. While it is true print media is rapidly declining, that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful to a marketer. While many magazines have transitioned to online formats, many prestigious publications have maintained their print editions – and many individuals have steadfast liking for print media and don’t mind buying costlier print versions.

Why Print Advertising?

  1. Relatively High Conversion Rates
    Industry research has found that 79% of consumers act on print. Not only do more consumers take action on print ads, but the majority of them find it easier to remember the products or services presented in print. Print ads stay with readers, and it is easier to vividly remember them.
  2. Print Ads Build Trust
    When a company places an advertisement in a trusted publication, that trust frequently transfers to the company by association. This doesn’t always hold true in the digital space, where even reputable websites are often flooded with scam ads. Fundamentally, the solidity of print media conveys to consumers that they will derive value from a company’s products and services.
  3. Print Appeals to the Older Demographic
    Many companies today target millennials as their core demographic. However, plenty of businesses still rely on the older population. There are many people (not just the elderly) who are more systematic and want less noise. This audience is best reached through print ads.

While it requires a great deal of creativity to craft print advertising that can compete with digital media, print is still viable for lead generation. Effective print ads require a unique concept, outstanding design and a well-thought-out layout. Today’s technology enables print to also be shared on digital platforms.

The creative team at SmallCapRelations will craft memorable print ads for your company by creating a concept that optimally reflects your brand. Contact us today for print advertisements that will place your brand in the spotlight.